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The Marble Ridge Difference

100% Wagyu Beef and Premium Pork

It has never been easier to have high end grades of beef and pork delivered straight to your door. At Marble Ridge Farms, we take pride in ensuring every cut packaged for you meets our exacting standards, arriving at your door ready to be enjoyed.

At Marble Ridge Farms, we produce 100% Full Blood Wagyu meaning all our cattle can be traced to their Japanese origins. Our Premium Pork comes from hogs that produce marbled pork - similar to marbling in Wagyu Beef - resulting in juicier, more flavorful, melt in your mouth tender cuts unlike anything you will find in your local market.

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335 WW Industrial Park Dr
Washington, MO 63090
(636) 283-2333

Open to the public
Monday - Friday
8:00a - 4:30p

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