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Rooted in the small town of New Haven, Missouri, Marble Ridge Specialty Farms is the latest and most natural venture of Tim Scheer and his family. Spanning 150 acres of lush farmland just a few short miles from the Missouri River, Marble Ridge began as a table talk daydream that quickly turned into live and active reality.

As a 4th generation farmer, Tim was raised on his family’s hog farm where his grandfather built a chicken house brick by homemade brick. Throughout his youth, Tim was often called upon to help tend to the animals and his mother’s family crop farm not far in the Missouri River Bottoms. With greater ambition and a foundation of hard work, Tim left home to study at South East Missouri State. Tim, then, returned to New Haven where he successfully established his own landscaping business. It was years later that Tim discovered competition barbeque and began winning his many titles and awards. Taking his passion for barbecue, Tim developed the USA patented Gateway Drum Smoker, followed by his purchase of the rights to the Blue Hog Original BBQ Sauce. Since then, Tim has been building Gateway Drum Smokers and Blues Hog to be the international, award-winning brands they are today.

However, the ideas for what’s next kept flowing. Tim began to dream about returning back to his roots to pursue the full farm-to-table experience. With all the expertise he acquired on the barbecue circuit, he knew he had to deliver the highest quality meat products on the market. He wanted to deliver chef quality meats right in the hands of passionate cooks like him and families like his.

It didn’t take long before Tim began building his herd of cows, hogs, and more on land he acquired from a neighboring farm...and just like that the Scheer Family was in the meat business. With the help of his father, wife, and three daughters, Marble Ridge Specialty Farms has surely become a family affair.

Looking to the future,Tim plans to quickly expand Marble Ridge, offering a variety of premium meat products from pork to lamb and beyond.Marble Ridge Specialty Farms proudly produces the highest grades of heart-healthy Wagyu beef on the market….and will soon offer the highest quality lamb and pork. Stay tuned for more by joining our email list and following us on social media!

Marble Ridge Wagyu Cow grazing in field
Scheer Daughter Petting Wagyu Cow in the Barn
T-Bone the Rooster sitting on a piece of equipment
Black and White Photo of what is now Marble Ridge Farms from Previous owners
Marble Ridge Wagyu Cows grazing in field
Marble Ridge Wagyu Cow Standing in the Barn
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