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Smoked Thor's Hammer

Smoked Thor's Hammer



  1. In a blender bottle, combine Bold & Beefy with Truffle & Chop and 20 oz. water (If using VacMaster - pour 1/2 of this mixture into vacuum sealed bag, seal, and let rest for 30 minutes OR sift spices through a coffee strainer and inject this liquid into Thor's Hammer OR make a double batch and submerge meat in liquid for 24 hours prior to cooking).
  2. Coat rest of meat generously with Truffle & Chop seasoning and place on drum at 300℉ for 2 hours.
  3. Remove from heat, and coat butcher paper with beef tallow. Wrap tightly and place back on smoker for 1 more hour at 400℉. When done, internal temperature should be 200℉.
  4. Remove and plate with mushroom risotto and asparagus. Serve and enjoy!

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