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Picanha | MAX

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Our Marble Max™ is equivalent to a BMS 8-12 (A5) on the Japanese grading scale and features the most exquisite marbling available on the market. This is the highest tier of meat we offer with all the best qualities of Wagyu Beef, including superior flavor, tenderness, and health benefits.

The Picanha, also called the Sirloin Cap, is a tender, juicy cut with a whole lot of flavor. Sourced from the round of the cow, this hunk of wagyu beef is versatile and ready to serve a party of 5-8 (depending on the size chosen).

Picanha is best prepared smoked, oven roasted, or cut into steaks and grilled.

Labeled as Marble Max™, this cut is the best-of-the-best and ranks as A5 on the Japanese grading scale for its superior marbling. All Marble Max™ products will have a marbling score of 8-12.

Our Marble Ridge Wagyu meat is made up of heart-healthy fat and contains both omega 3 and 6, making wagyu an excellent choice over your average grocery store beef.

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