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The Farm

What is Marble Ridge?

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Rooted in the small town of New Haven, Missouri, Marble Ridge Specialty Farms is one of the newest premium meat farms in the midwest.

After the last decade of sourcing the highest quality meats, winning over judges on the barbecue circuit, and earning himself World Champion titles, Tim Scheer happily returns to his roots with Marble Ridge Specialty Farms. Tim comes from a long line of hardworking farmers and spent his childhood tending to his family hog farm. As a result, he is dedicated to raising and providing the best meat in the world in an effort to share his love for quality meat so others can experience and enjoy the exceptional flavors. 

Spanning 150 acres of lush farmland just a few short miles from the Missouri River, Marble Ridge began as a table talk daydream that quickly turned into live and active reality for Tim and the Scheer Family. Read Our Story ▹

Marble Ridge Wagyu Cows grazing in field

The Meat

What is Wagyu?

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Wagyu quite literally means Japanese (Wa) Cow (Gyu). Wagyu is a breed of cattle that originates from Japan and known for the abundant marbling through out the meat it produces. Wagyu meat is superior in flavor and health benefits that comes with the heart healthy fats laced throughout it.

Marble Ridge Wagyu Cow grazing in field

Why should I choose wagyu?

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Beyond the USDA Prime and Choice beef you find at local supermarkets, Marble Ridge Wagyu meat is all either A5 or A4 on the Japanese grading scale. Our wagyu, which comes from our 100% Fullblood Wagyu cattle, is superior for its intricate marbling and health benefits.

After it's cooked, Wagyu meat offers an unbelievably buttery tenderness and impeccably rich flavor – unlike anything you've tasted before! It's hard to believe that all that flavor comes from heart-healthy, cholesterol friendly fats. But it does!

Wagyu beef has the lowest cholesterol of any meat and way more monounsaturated fats than any other beef. The benefits don't stop there, the fatty acids found in Wagyu beef are known to boost immunity and help protect the body from infections and diseases. Read more ▹

Ribeye Comparison - UDSA Choice and Prime versus Marble Ridge

What is Marble Max?

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Ranging from BMS 8 to 12 (A5) on the Japanese grading scale, Marble Max meat features the most exquisite marbling available on the market. The fat laced throughout Marble Max meat is heart healthy unsaturated fats and contains both Omega 3 & 6.

What is Marble Luxe?

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Equivalent to a BMS 5 to 7 (A4)
on the Japanese grading scale,
Marble Lux meat features the
intricate marbling found only
in above prime beef. The fat laced throughout Marble Lux meat is heart healthy unsaturated fats and contains both Omega 3 & 6.

How should I cook my meat?

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To help you get the most out of your purchase and properly prepare the best meal possible, we have created a guide designed for whatever cut you purchased. See Guide ▹

Packaging, Shipping, & Policies

Does Marble Ridge offer free shipping?

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Yes! We offer free shipping for all orders over $200. View Shipping Policy ▹

Where does Marble Ridge ship?

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At this time, Marble Ridge only ships to the contiguous United States. View Shipping Policy ▹

Can I return my purchase?

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Due to the perishable nature of our products, Marble Ridge Specialty Farms does not accept returns. View Return Policy ▹

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